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Come to the Cabaret! Akron Beacon Journal Enjoy

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Entertainment, Upcoming Events

For nearly 70 years, Akron’s historic landmark has created a well known name for itself. From famous acts, weddings, proms, business luncheons, and many other events, the Tangier has become a memorable place in Akron. With a few upgrades and renovations over the years, the Tangier has never changed what it has been known for. With elegant weddings to intimate showtime experiences, past and present guests have never forgotten their time spent at one of the most unique venue’s in Northeast Ohio.  Now starting with the third generation of ownership, the Tangier will continue to grow and provide the Akron community with a place they can always call home. We want to thank everyone for being a part of our development as we continue to look forward to new exciting plans for the future!

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